What we do

    Covid has turned the professional world upside down. But how will things go on after the pandemic? We advise you on finding the right concept for your company - and on communicating it to your employees.

    We are convinced that people can do things machines and computers won't be able to do for a long time yet. Collaborating creatively, for example, coming up with an even better idea as a team. Acting empathically, understanding situations, setting priorities - and being human in the truest sense of the word.

    Unleash potential

    Systems, tools and machines can assist people and teams in realizing their full potential. Maintaining an overview at all times, collaborating across time and distance, creating new freedom - all this is possible for those who embrace the opportunities offered by digitization and the virtual world.

    Harmonizing virtual teams and office presence, creating a shared identity and a team spirit even across distances, providing employees with orientation and guidance: These are the main tasks of managers in the new professional world.

    Creating a team spirit

    The Corona pandemic marks a turning point in the way we work together. What the " new normal " will look like exactly and which rules apply will be determined individually by each company. One thing is clear: There are many questions that may still be suppressed at present, but which every entrepreneur and every manager will have to face up to. We don't have the answers ready at the push of a button, but we know how to find them together with you.

    Who we are

    We are not theoreticians, but work with both large and small companies on a daily basis. We take a holistic approach - because every good idea must also be understood and implemented by everyone.

    Why do we believe we are the right people for this job? Because we are passionate about the subject. Because we are deeply convinced that the world of work can change for the better - especially if you put people at the heart of it. Because we know about the challenges and problems not only from theory, but from our daily work with people, brands and companies of different industries and sizes.

    Theory and practice

    We are a dedicated team of consultants and communications managers. Why this combination? Because we know that the best concept is useless if it is not fully understood, implemented and lived by everyone. That's why, in addition to finding the right answers, our work always includes considering: How do we explain it to people?

    Sven Granse is a globally respected leadership coach and psychologist, conflict solver and mediator. He started as a reserve officer in logistics with the German Armed Forces; today, his clients include many DAX and S&P500 companies. As a "digital nomad," Granse spent more than 300 days a year on the road before the pandemic - and therefore knows virtual collaboration from years of experience.

    Matthias Kluckert is a partner at K3 Agency and, as a communications expert, has a good feel for people and developments. As a journalist, he was department head in a large media house, and as a manager he headed the communications department of an international corporation. Kluckert studied in Beijing, speaks fluent Chinese and therefore also knows the pitfalls of intercultural teamwork.

    One stop service

    We master the repertoire of advertising, marketing and communication. For internal corporate communications, which are essential in change processes, we are able to offer everything from a single source: From virtual company meetings to explanatory texts that are easy to understand, to emotional videos, surveys and presentations.

    Urgent questions

    Those who recognize the signs of the times are currently driven by many questions to which there are as yet no fixed answers. These are questions we' ll be exploring together with you. Because although no one knows exactly what the corporate world will look like in the near future, we all know things will no longer be the same as before the pandemic, or at least we suspect they won't be. From our perspective, the most urgent questions are the following:

    1. How do we work together after the covid pandemic is over?
    2. How do I get my employees back into the office?
    3. Or is the office no longer the best solution at all?
    4. How do I reach a decision that is satisfactory to everyone?
    5. How do I maintain the feeling of unity in the team and the identification with the company?
    6. What costs (e.g. office rent, travel expenses) can I save in the future?
    7. How should we redesign our office for the new working world?
    8. What legal aspects do we have to consider in terms of "work from home" and "mobile work"?

    We would like to answer these questions together with you on behalf of your company - and explain to your employees why you have chosen this or that alternative.


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